23 October 2018
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TUOMS offers a wide range of opportunities and excellent facilities for training and research in medical fields and is a nationally recognized high profile institution that provides a superior education, research and treatment services to the community. Having advanced educational equipment, facilities and qualified academic staff, this university provides an academic environment for trainers of different countries in the region. Furthermore, National Public-health Management Center (NPMC) of TUOMS which is a WHO collaborating center for training and research on health management provides ultimate training programs for health providers to promote health system. Here is a sample list of some courses and workshops on different fields of medical sciences that foreign researchers can currently attend at TUOMS:


  •   RTPCR
  • Antibody Monoclonal
  •  Techniques & Methods in Nanotechnology
  •  Modern Methods of Extraction from Herb
  •   Asthma Management & Pulmonary Function Test
  •  NICU Care
  •   Health System Management for Health System Development
  •   Evidence Based Health Management
  •   Intersectoral-based Initiatives for Health System Development
  •   Researcher Training Course for Health System Development
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