18 June 2018
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  Postdoctoral Research Course


Postdoctoral research is a course for training professional researchers in research centers affiliated to the university.

Provisions of entering into the course:

A) PhD degree, clinical subspecialty or specialty in the fields related to the proceedings of the center,

B) Maximum age of 40 years for the applicants,

C) Admission from one of the academic members of the university as principal investigator approved by the Research Council of the center in the form of one or more research projects under a postdoctoral researcher.

Note 1: Principal investigator must be a professor and have a good research experience (at least h-index=15 based on Scopus).

Provisions of granting educational certificate:

A) Based on the research project, the duration is at least one year and at most three years.

B) Certificate of this course will be issued at the end of the course by the declaration of principal investigator on behalf of the center and the approval of Research Deputy.

Note 2: Publishing at least one article in international journals (ISI journals with IF>2) is required for certification.

Supporting the researcher:

A) Postdoctoral researchers work under the direct supervision of the principal investigator.

B) Principal investigator is supposed to guide postdoctoral researches for conducting research proceedings and provide them with facilities and monitor them.

C) The center is supposed to provide the postdoctoral researcher with all the education and research facilities such as library and internet and also facilitate the participation in Research Workshops.

D) Postdoctoral researcher, based on the preliminary agreement with the principal investigator, is entitled to material and spiritual rights of each project.


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