23 October 2018
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  Fulfilled Courses &Workshops

In order to keep its researchers and students innovative, TUOMS tries to hold regular courses & workshops. Here, you can see the list of some fulfilled courses &workshops at TUOMS:

  •      Supplementary Neonatology Training Course For Pediatricians
  •    A 5 day course on “Techniques & Methods in Nanotechnology”
  •   A 4 month course on Monoclonal Antibody
  •     Basic Research Method
  •     Search in Electronic resources
  •     Statistic and Software Level 1
  •     Statistic and Software Level 2
  •     Statistics and Advanced Software in Specific Cases
  •    Longitudinal and Cohort Studies
  •    Clinical Trial Studies
  •    Case Control Studies
  •     Quality studies
  •      Systematic Review
  •     Scientific Paper Writing
  •     Specific Skills of Scientific Paper Writing
  •   English Scientific Paper writing
  •    Language  Consideration in Scientific Writing
  •    Peer Review of Papers
  •   Evidence Based Medicine (EBM)
  •      Principle of holding Journal Club and Evidence based round
  •    Ethics in Research
  •    Ethics in Scientific Publication
  •    Designing in Researches Pertinent to Medical Diagnosis Tests
  •        Reference Manager
  •     Evaluation of Medical Sciences Journals
  •      Bio Informatics (Basic)
  •        Bio Informatics (Primary designing)
  •     Population and Epidemiologic Studies
  •      Health System Studies
  •       Research Methods in Trauma and Casualties
  •    Sample Method and Sample Size

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